When Tragedy Strikes: Don’t Put Off Filing A Claim

The last thing that you probably want to do when tragedy strikes your business is capture pictures of the damage. You want to forget and move past the horrendous event, but the only way to do that is by gathering documentation and filing an insurance claim. Of course, professional firms such as Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc., which serves the San Francisco, CA area, can help you secure the right policy so that you are financially prepared for unexpected occurrences. Promptly filing a claim, however, is your responsibility. 

When should you file a business insurance claim?

It is crucial to file a business insurance claim immediately after an incident takes place. Granted, you may not be able to get in the building directly following natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes. You should file a claim promptly upon being able to assess damages in these instances. Make sure that all documentation relating to your company, as well as third-party losses, is complete and that pictures accompany your request for compensation. 

Why should you file so quickly?

You stand to lose money or even be denied if you delay filing a business insurance claim. The process of settling a commercial case is also pretty arduous. You may find yourself accepting the first offer the indemnity firm offers in efforts to get the company back up and running when you wait to file a claim. The benefit of contesting low offers comes to those who request compensation for damages promptly. 

Sometimes grief overwhelms you and filing an indemnity claim is the last thing you want to consider when your company is severely damaged or destroyed. It is necessary, however, to make timely requests to get the most out of your plan. Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. can help if your business is near the San Jose or  San Francisco, CA region. Call us today!

What Should You Do If You Have a Claim?

How to Mark a Claim with Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc.

California law does not require residents to purchase homeowner’s insurance, but most lenders will. Though it is never the desire of any homeowner to ever need to make a claim, it is vital to know what steps to take in the event that you sustain damage to your personal possessions or property.  

Do Not Delay

Tell your insurance company as soon as possible that you have sustained damage to your home, and if this is the result of theft, be sure to report this to the police immediately. It is imperative that you understand the insurance coverage that you have, and that you ask for help from your agent if there is anything you don’t understand. It is vital to read your declaration page and know what your limits, deductibles, and exclusions are.

Keep Track

List the items that have been affected, and be sure to take pictures or video of them before any repairs are done. Do not attempt to make permanent improvements, as this is the responsibility of your insurance company. In addition, it is crucial that you keep the receipts for materials that you purchase in order to complete temporary reparations. Carefully itemize your possessions that were destroyed on your proof-of-loss form, and do your best to be present when the adjuster shows up. Notify your insurance company if your property will be vacant, letting them know the address where you will be staying. 

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